Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

Schneeweiß & Rosarot

In the middle of winter
I suddenly discovered,
That there is a
Invincible summer
In me

...for this...

...let me dance in the snow...

...and wonder about the frozen beauty

* * *

White Lips
Pale Face

Dieses Styled shooting fand in Willingen-Sauerland statt in Zusammenarbeit mit:

Bilder: http://c-g-photography.de

Blumen: http://www.kreative-hochzeitsdekoration.de

Vintage Geschirr: http://www.lieschenundruth.de

Kleider: www.charmant-design.com

Haare und Make up: https://www.styling-federleicht.de

Model: Regina

Teatime with Alice

There is a place, like no place on earth.
A land full of wonder, mystery and danger!
Some say, to survive it, you need to be,
as mad as a hatter.
Which, luckily,
I am.

(Alice in Wonderland)

Alice: How long is forever?
White Rabbit: Sometimes,
just one second.

I dont understand
why Alice left wonderland.

I can't go back to yesterday,
because i was a different
person then.

"When I used to read 
about fairy tales,
I never thought
I would end up
in the middle 
of one."


Hier noch einmal das Video dazu:

Bilder und Video http://amornrat-photography.de
Vintage Geschirr http://lieschenundruth.com
Rock, Krone und Styling www.charmant-design.com

Two Lovebirds

The reason why I like You?
There is no reason.
There should be no reason...

If you love someone 
because of a reason,
when that reason is gone,
your heart will change too...

I like you without a reason.
I like you
because you are you!

Unser Video zu diesem Shooting!

Bilder und Video http://amornrat-photography.de
Kleid und Styling www.charmant-design.com

Danke für 2016

Einige verspätete Eindrücke unseres Shootings in der vergangenen Weihnachtsseason
Wir sind dankbar für 2016

Und hier unser Video dazu :-)

Bilder und Video http://amornrat-photography.de

Kleid www.charmant-design.com
Model Jaqueline

Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2016